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Opozorilo za tekmovalce, ki se udeležujete nacionalnih tekmovanj v Avstriji← Nazaj

Prosimo vse tekmovalce, ki se udeležujete nacionalnih tekmovanj v Avstriji v katerikoli disciplini, da si preberete dopis avstrijske konjeniške zveze glede veterinarskih obveznosti, ki morajo biti izpolnjene za nastop v Avstriji.



Dear Sirs,

The Austrian NF has to notify you that also at National events the official veterinary authority controls the health papers of foreign riders randomly since the beginning of the year 2017.

The past controls of the official veterinary authority have shown that numerous foreign riders had NO health certificates according the EU Council Directive 2009/156/EG, Annex II accompanying their horse passports and there were also NO Traces notifications with the local veterinary authorities done.

Health certificates according the EU Council Directive 2009/156/EG are compulsory.

As the content of the health certificate of the EU Council Directive 2009/156 / EC is an official statement on the disease status of the home enterprise it would mean that in the event of an outbreak, the organizer, who refuses to require these confirmations from his guests, would be liable for any consequences.

On the part of our veterinary authorities and by us as the responsible NF, we ask you urgently to  inform from your athletes that also at national events with international participation the participating horses must be accompanied by a health certificate in accordance with Council Directive 2009/156 / EC. Without this, participation in the tournament may be prohibited.


Best regards

RR Dietrich Sifkovits

Laxenburg, 27th March 2017


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